• WorkForce Management Software Group

WorkForce Management Software Group

WFMSG has emerged as the innovator in enterprise Web 2.0, collaborative, low cost workforce management solutions for the contact center. WFMSG’s Community is coupled with an intelligent deployment process that results in very rapid installation, product adoption and ROI for our clients.

Contact Center Week trade show in Austin, TX was a huge success! Co-founders Daryl Gonos, CEO, and Todd Cotharin, COO demonstrate new #Community #WFM release 4.4 with two performance versions, Essentials and flagship software, Community Enterprise.

Check out our new website, https://t.co/N16S48wdAY, take a Tour – view our new Scheduling and Intraday Management, and other #WFM videos – learn about Community WFM r.4.4 – Quite simply, there’s nothing else like it! https://t.co/GGwSjEnpM5

New Release 4.4 of Community #WFM delivers an Essentials layer of the Community Enterprise platform, enabling start-up contact centers to quickly and economically capture the benefits of modern workforce optimization technology. https://t.co/hSngLDCH5Y

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