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As The Customer Engagement Company™, Verint® helps organizations simplify, modernize, and automate customer engagement through market-leading cloud and hybrid solutions. Our customer engagement solutions leverage the latest in artificial intelligence and advanced analytics technology to help organizations unlock the potential of automation and intelligence for driving real business impact.

As seen on Forbes: "Successful brands often have something in common: They exceed customer expectations. If you ask me, it’s this era’s most important metric -- many customers want to trust you and feel valued." - Ryan Hollenbeck, SVP, Global Marketing - https://t.co/YLcEcURJti

Verint has strengthened its integration with @Microsoft to support #compliance recording and Microsoft Teams. Using the Verint Financial Compliance portfolio, organizations will benefit from streamlined teamwork and enhanced collaboration. (link: (link: https://t.co/GUIWmbV9k8)

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