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Upstream Works

Upstream Works provides omnichannel contact center software that increases agent success and customer engagement. We bring the customer journey together across all channels, interactions and applications with a full-featured CX agent desktop, deep integration capabilities and omnichannel reporting. For over 15 years, organizations around the world and across industries have benefited from Upstream Works’ experience and expertise, gaining operational efficiency and transforming the customer experience.

Agent productivity, customer satisfaction, and business strategy – align all three and you have the trifecta of contact center success. Learn how the latest tech is helping organizations succeed with customer experience transformation. Learn more: https://t.co/GZehsVNgh1

Your agents don’t need to be omnichannel – but your business does.

Be smart with your AI roadmap and action plan. Learn the best practices for transformative business-level results. #AI #chatbots #CX https://t.co/J1nfwgQQ6z

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