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Shelf is an award winning contact center and help desk knowledge management platform. Shelf offers advanced AI automation and the best search in the industry helping agents quickly find, manage and solve customer issues on the first call. Used by organizations like Google, Amazon and Nielson, Shelf was designed by a Harvard knowledge management expert and data scientist for best in class search and organization. Unlike other knowledgebase platforms, Shelf offers pinpoint accurate document search, AI automation for maintenance and powerful analytics.

“During #COVID, we were able to deliver huge amounts of new information as quickly as we could—when it became available,” – Michelle Alvarez, @TheSSWAA Board President.

Read how the SSWAA employ Shelf to power their dedicated #knowledgeplatform.

Short staffed again? If only there was something that could boost your agents' efficiency by 40%...Oh wait, there is – #AgentAssist.

A story of success we are especially proud of! Read our latest #casestudy to learn how @TheSSWAA employs Shelf to run a dedicated resource center for school social workers of America.
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