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  • Shelf


Shelf is an award winning contact center and help desk knowledge management platform. Shelf offers advanced AI automation and the best search in the industry helping agents quickly find, manage and solve customer issues on the first call. Used by organizations like Google, Amazon and Nielson, Shelf was designed by a Harvard knowledge management expert and data scientist for best in class search and organization. Unlike other knowledgebase platforms, Shelf offers pinpoint accurate document search, AI automation for maintenance and powerful analytics.

To all you #KnowledgeManagement superheroes out there: It’s time you got a little ❀️ for all you do! Because we know how tough KM can be.

Unwrap a cool no-strings-attached gift from us this holiday season while supplies last πŸŽπŸ“¬


Want to create great experiences πŸ‘ in #CustomerSupport? Provide great answers βœ… customers need. Here's how to set up a #KnowledgeManagement team to make it happen.

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