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Sennheiser Communications was born from the vision to make communication more dynamic, efficient and productive than ever before. We strive to set new standards when it comes to sound quality in audio solutions for business communications, mobile music and gaming. Founded as a joint venture in 2003, we are proud to build on the heritage of two world leading sound experts: electro-acoustic specialist, Sennheiser Electronic GmbH & Co. KG and the hearing healthcare company, Demant. It is the support of their expertise and passion that lead us where we are today. As part of a new chapter and with a need for more dedication to the three segments of audio; mobile music, business communication and gaming – the company will be de-merged in 2020 and the segment of mobile music will be transferred to Sennheiser KG, whereas business communication and gaming will be fully owned by Demant. We are excited to start this new journey and look forward to connecting people all over the world with our premium headsets and conferencing solutions and deliver seamless communication for business professionals and gamers.

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