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  • Saddletree Research

Saddletree Research

Founded in 1999, Saddletree Research provides custom and syndicated industry research covering emerging and high-growth contact center technology solutions and markets including Web 2.0 framework and applications (social networks), analytics, workforce optimization (WFO), and Internet Protocol (IP) telephony. Papers and publications feature an emphasis on demand-based end-user data.


#COVID-19 has driven new & renewed interest in #analytics, #AI & other solutions that enable #ContactCenter #agility, says #cctr analyst @paulstockford - Saddletree Research results show how industry attitudes are shifting | #WorkFromHome #WFH

Will you be one of over 20K registered attendees at #NICEiLive21? Don’t miss your chance to be inspired, entertained and hear best practices from speakers such as @OmerMinkara, @DFluss, @PaulStockford, Bernhard Schaffrik and @McGeeSmith! >>

Latest in the Long & Winding Road series! Close to You: @paulstockford & @JohnnyZT reflect on Carpenters’ 1970’s hit song & today’s #WorkforceEngagementManagement evolution as #ContactCenters focus on long-term #WorkFromHome models | #cctr #automation

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