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Reflective Keynotes

Reflective Keynotes Inc. specializes in helping inbound contact centers improve their sales results. Our workshops, webinars and keynote speeches provide key insights to help your Agents close more sales and help your Managers coach more effectively towards sales results.


A very interesting post by @jtwatkin! I also used the "The queue is mine to worry about, not yours. I don’t need you to be a hero. I just need you to be the very best you can be on the call you’re currently on.” and I really believ…https://t.co/7fRa2Z1RC1 https://t.co/jtxAyDp1oD

The #ContactCenter of the future will be a hybrid mix of automation (#AI) & people (human intelligence) working together to provide a higher level of #CX - @arvato_com's Fara Haron offers an insightful look at the evolution of #cctr #custserv https://t.co/bMRQNKvdzb

Are you cross-training your #customerservice agents for more than one channel? @mikeaoki shares important tips for omnichannel and enablement success in our newest ebook. https://t.co/d45q1LwowR

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