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Reflective Keynotes

Reflective Keynotes Inc. specializes in helping inbound contact centers improve their sales results. Our workshops, webinars and keynote speeches provide key insights to help your Agents close more sales and help your Managers coach more effectively towards sales results.


Missed calls or text messages from potential customers are the fear of any small business owner. That's why it's so fun to talk about String in my latest post on the @NumberBarn blog. Respond to any text or call 24 x 7 x 365!

@jtwatkin @ddu17 @laurenqvolpe @Melchor_Eric @StossInSupport @JeremyHyde_ @laurelkade @toister @mikeaoki @RUSMI @JoshRaps @esmancuso @NealDlin @kkmett @JuliaAhlfeldt Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome back…,

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