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  • ProcedureFlow


ProcedureFlow is a step-by-step visual guide that supports agents as they navigate company processes. With a knowledge management solution that simplifies complex information, employees can spend less time searching and focus on what they do best. ProcedureFlow’s simple and intuitive platform enables contact centers to quickly and easily create, maintain, and update company processes in real time. With ProcedureFlow, teams can work more efficiently, better serve customers, and drive results that matter most to their business.

Contact centers that use ProcedureFlow see impactful results.

  • Decrease training time by 75%
  • Reduce escalations by 50%
  • Cut AHT of tenured agents by 12%
  • Improve first call resolution by 6%
  • Decrease operating costs by 11%

Contact center agents when they finally find the answer they need in their knowledge base 😅

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Join us in welcoming Alex Janssen to the team as Reporting and Insights Specialist! With a keen interest in big data, Alex is an expert at finding the story behind the numbers and has a passion for telling these stories through data visualization. Welcome Alex!

This is why you need ProcedureFlow 🤦‍♀️ 😂

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