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PowerHouse Consulting, Inc. is an internationallyrecognized consulting firm specializing in Contact Centers and Telecommunications. Collaborating with more than 350 clients, our seasoned consultants work with organizations of different sizes, varying budgets, different industries to bring quick, practical, and costeffective solutions.


Management of today’s #ContactCenters are challenged by many factors, some to the point of exhaustion. How to create a plan of action to move out of the safety zone and make progress toward your goals.
https://buff.ly/30xHR1R #changemanagement #CX

#ContactCenter are complex environments whose leaders must have foundational elements under control. Without understanding what it takes to run one leadership may base decisions on wrong criteria.Foundational elements necessary to run a successful #CCTR. https://buff.ly/2RVZIwg

Contact Center culture is an outcome, not a plan. Culture occurs as a result of actions … not posters, slogans, promises, or innuendos. A look at an easy, cost-free strategy to foster agent engagement and high-impact outcomes.
https://buff.ly/2OLDH0I #CCTR #Culture #CX

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