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PowerHouse Consulting, Inc. is an internationallyrecognized consulting firm specializing in Contact Centers and Telecommunications. Collaborating with more than 350 clients, our seasoned consultants work with organizations of different sizes, varying budgets, different industries to bring quick, practical, and costeffective solutions.


On this episode of Backstage at the Customer Experience, @kmp603 is joined by Director of Marketing and Operations, @HannahK603 to discuss change management and how to gain buy in.
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A top issue in #ContactCenters is #retention of talent at the front line. Poor investment in frontline job quality will cost employers in higher turnover. How to recognize the value of retention & link it to the requisite investment to reduce turnover. https://buff.ly/2y6wx2m #CX

Don't forget to register for Contact Center Nation's virtual national conference! It starts today! @KMP603 will be live later this August and you won't want to miss it! https://buff.ly/3hSYhcd #CCTR #CX #ContactCenter

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