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PowerHouse Consulting

PowerHouse Consulting, Inc. is an internationallyrecognized consulting firm specializing in Contact Centers and Telecommunications. Collaborating with more than 350 clients, our seasoned consultants work with organizations of different sizes, varying budgets, different industries to bring quick, practical, and costeffective solutions.


Engagement is a key ingredient in feeling valued. The #CCTR is a people-driven business. How to generate momentum & fuel of your frontline agents.
#ContactCenter #Frontline #Engagement

Is your WFH program operating optimally? A comprehensive Contact Center Assessment can help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your operation’s practices.
#ContactCenter #WFH #Assessment

#Healthcare #CCTRs are relatively new to the contemporary #ContactCenter business. Strategic #Governance becomes significant across the Healthcare system as business leaders see that ‘no one is in charge’ of Contact Center growth and innovation;

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