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PowerHouse Consulting, Inc. is an internationallyrecognized consulting firm specializing in Contact Centers and Telecommunications. Collaborating with more than 350 clients, our seasoned consultants work with organizations of different sizes, varying budgets, different industries to bring quick, practical, and costeffective solutions.


Identity is ur “visibility.” How u report on performance, interact cross-functionally, recruit/retain staff, all u do as a #ContactCenter leader factors into ur visibility&identity. How to create a strong identity ur org will notice: https://t.co/04j3RdlTNH #brand #identity

According to @HarvardBiz “81% of all customers attempt to solve issues themselves b4 reaching out to a live rep.” Leavng humans to the complex issues. #ContactCenter ldrs must ask whether they have the right ppl in the right place today. https://t.co/nzHhto2XHX #mgmt #hiring #cx

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing #ContactCenter verticals in the market: #cctr #CX expert Kathleen Peterson shares her thoughts on emerging #trends https://t.co/Y5V69cqSuX @PowerHouse603 @KMP603 #healthcare

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