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PowerHouse Consulting, Inc. is an internationallyrecognized consulting firm specializing in Contact Centers and Telecommunications. Collaborating with more than 350 clients, our seasoned consultants work with organizations of different sizes, varying budgets, different industries to bring quick, practical, and costeffective solutions.


What Not to Do When You’re Trying to Motivate Your Team. via @HarvardBiz https://t.co/emy7990W3M

Those who begin a centralized scheduling #contactcenter w/out a solid plan may wind up w/ an inefficient & costly model, one broken up into small groups dedicated to individual practices - how to turn ur challenges into triumphs https://t.co/vCxjXU5kn2 #healthcare #cctr #strategy

“Radicalize” your #contactcenter #reporting: Shift the focus from factory-like production #metrics to #strategic alignment to meet consumers’ changing needs & preferences - insightful post from #cctr #CX expert @KMP603 of @PowerHouse603 https://t.co/slDE1NfnkF

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