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Monet Software

Monet Software is a global provider of cloud workforce optimization software solutions that enable contact centers and help desks to deliver outstanding customer experience.

With a true cloud environment, Monet Software award-winning platform includes workforce management, call recording, quality management, and performance management and ensures flexibility, intuitive user experience, and reliability, resulting in increased productivity, service levels while reducing center costs.

#Whitepaper 7 Tips for More Effective Contact Center Scheduling
At the #contactcenter every call, every #customerinteraction and every dollar is significant. We have created a list of 7 best practices for contact center #scheduling
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Want to learn more about #workforcemanagement? Watch our online #demos to see how #cloud WFM can help you improve #servicelevels and lower your #costs
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Three Hurdles with Workforce Management – and How to Eliminate Them
When #contactcenters add Monet WFM, the result is a more efficient operation. Benefits include accurate #forecasts, better #schedules, etc.
https://t.co/akZWc2ramU #wfm #CustomerExperience

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