• Monet Software - Unified Cloud Workforce Optimization for Contact Centers and Help Desks

Monet Software

Monet Software is a global provider of cloud workforce optimization software solutions that enable contact centers and help desks to deliver outstanding customer experience.

With a true cloud environment, Monet Software award-winning platform includes workforce management, call recording, quality management, and performance management and ensures flexibility, intuitive user experience, and reliability, resulting in increased productivity, service levels while reducing center costs.

The list of communication channels continues to grow and so do the ways customers want to interact with your company. Is your #contactcenter optimized for an #omnichannel performance? Read our blog and learn how you can address #omnichannel interactions. https://bit.ly/35WC5rm

Manually tracking your #callcenterforecast? See how a modern #WFM solution can #automate the process for you. https://bit.ly/2tBTkRb

Is your #callcenter prepared to handle increased customer contact volumes? Check out top tips to help manage a spike in customer contact volumes and still provide a memorable #CX. https://monetsoftware.com/top-tips-for-managing-spikes-in-customer-contact-volumes/

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