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Jacada is the leader in customer service automation, with 27 years of experience in reducing costs for global enterprises. We enable outcome focused automation through rapid integration to external systems using our no code, AI agnostic, Customer Service RPA and Automation hub – Jacada Interact.


Individually or combined, the implementation of Jacada Interact powered solutions result in the reduction of Average Handling Time (AHT) and the increase of First Call Resolution (FCR), CSAT and NPS.


Jacada Interact places the power of end-to-end Customer Service Automation in the hands of Jacada customers. Companies can design and deliver interactions that have been constructed with the first point of contact in mind, regardless of channel or mode for the engagement, and maintain control throughout the customer journey with the end in mind. These interactions typically begin with digital self-service engagements that reduce customer efforts and then enables automation for agents which reduces complexity and improves customer experience. Jacada provides a single Automation Hub that can deliver solutions to engage customers in the channel and mode of preference, and simplify agent activity should the customer need additional assistance.


Companies can remove the complexity of relying on IT and Developers to deliver these solutions by using Jacada Interact. Drag/Drop/Point/Click design tools enable Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts to design end-to-end automations. This is typically accomplished in weeks versus months (or even years) and allows repeatable scaling throughout the organization.

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