• InGenius


InGenius is a computer telephony integration (CTI) innovator that integrates existing phone systems into leading CRMs. With features such as screen pop, click-to-dial and automated call logging, InGenius Connector Enterprise enables contact centers to quickly and efficiently serve customers, and see a 360-degree view of call interactions for intelligent analysis.

Tracking, analyzing, and reacting: cornerstones of #cctr manager skills: http://ow.ly/kGF850xREvA by @ashleykalcic on @theccschool

Customer-focused teams can leverage workflows and technology to boost loyalty and #cx: http://ow.ly/hHI350xREtm by @mwlowenstein on @customerthink

Infographic: Making sense of the #custexp circus, with stats from @Oracle: http://ow.ly/wLlA50y1kbx via @SmarterCX #cx

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