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Human Numbers is passionate about forecasting and scheduling. We offer workforce management services to call centers that can’t afford to purchase WFM software, or who do not have a full-time Workforce Manager. Our customers receive the expertise of a seasoned Workforce Manager who takes on the weekly duties of ACD data collection, forecasting, and scheduling, without having to hire a full-time staff member.

New WFM blog is up:  How to Improve Scheduling Practices https://t.co/xrUahxGOnA https://t.co/AEyguDyIDc

Final Blog! 3 of 3: Vendor Comparisons from #2018SWPP 
John Faggiano Dave Hoekstra Brent Haferkamp Troy Plott Nathan Stearns Intradiem ProScheduler WFM - Loxysoft North America Tyler Dixon Shawn [email protected] Chip Funk To…https://t.co/IwEqtPUXEu https://t.co/XH6bCWEo8f

#2018SWPP Blog Part 2 of 3: Personal notes from Tiff's SWPP Journal (No. 10 was my favorite!) https://t.co/VcAfag8S2y  @jahillia Tyler McGary Chad Murray G. Todd Gladden, CWPP Robert Dobson Jeremy Black Jeff Bretana Deborah Mauk …https://t.co/7UWZMqEb8R https://t.co/FKRyCclNAP

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