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  • Human Numbers

Human Numbers

Human Numbers is passionate about forecasting and scheduling. We offer workforce management services to call centers that can’t afford to purchase WFM software, or who do not have a full-time Workforce Manager. Our customers receive the expertise of a seasoned Workforce Manager who takes on the weekly duties of ACD data collection, forecasting, and scheduling, without having to hire a full-time staff member.

#ContactCenter #WorkforcePlanning during #COVID-19: Shifting call-arrival patterns call for more aggressive #forecasting approach, says #cctr #WFM expert @ExTiffany - she explains 7 ways pandemic has impacted #WorkforceManagement #staffing #scheduling

My new normal: on a conference call and my dog started whining. Someone else's dog heard it and started barking. #tellnateaboutit

7 Ways the Pandemic Affected My WFM Role featuring Vicki Herrell, Michael Duffy(CWPP), Dave Hoekstra, Connie Pletcher-Perez, @andressa747, & Kevin Mallow
#2020SWPP #SWPP2020

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