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For over 15 years, Execs In The Know has built a reputation of excellence in the Customer Management Industry and a worldwide community of over 50,000 Customer Experience Professionals. Execs In The Know connects people to engaging industry content, thought leadership, current trends, peer-to-peer collaboration, networking, and industry employment opportunities.

Need help navigating the complicated waters of #Outsourcing? With a brand highlight, partner panel & round-table discussion, during our one-day #briefing we will cover: geographical placement, pricing models, strong partnerships, predictions & more.

Digital & traditional customers are not mutually exclusive. Customers seamlessly glide from one platform to another & brands are pushing in an attempt to keep track and not get left behind.
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Did you catch our April webinar with expert panel @Coveo where they detailed how to interact with your self-service customers? Check out their latest blog where they discuss where top CX leaders are still missing the mark with self-service. Read it here: https://t.co/h89nyQuyZM

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