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  • eClerx

eClerx Customer Operations

eClerx Customer Operations uniquely improves customer experience and operational efficiencies by leveraging deep domain knowledge, advanced automation, and data analytics. We are leaders in quality monitoring and insights, digital care services, and advanced technical operations.

Our team of 3000+ full-time consultants and delivery employees at our five production hubs in Fayetteville, NC, Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, and Phuket apply deep industry expertise to effectively support the most demanding global clients by utilizing a follow the sun delivery model. eClerx Customer Operations’ innovative approach enables our clients to enhance their customers’ experience and reduce operating costs 24x7x365.

With a structured approach to data science and AI, you can achieve your business goals and solve the pain points that affect you the most. Read on to learn more. #DataScience #AI #DigitalGrowth

CIOLook’s Top 10 Influential Leaders in AI & Big Data, 2022, is here, and we are excited to share that Ruble Joseph, Head of Global Data Science, Analytics, and AI Practice at eClerx Digital, is featured!

Read through and learn more about our story!

Many firms still struggle to utilize the vast quantities of available data.

If you're ready to extract meaningful value from your engagements and drive growth, click to read our article on setting up successful data science practices. #DataScience #AI

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