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CommunityWFM (formerly WFMSG) offers a modern and simplified solution for forecasting and scheduling contact center agents. CommunityWFM is a trusted partner to many well-known and respected brands because of its sole focus on workforce management; combined with a unique set of product features, obsession with customer service, and an unmatched on-boarding methodology.

Is your #contactcenter evaluating a mobile #workforcemanagement app? 📱 This guide dives into all of the steps involved in rolling out an app to agents and supervisors.

Issues around #compliance within the #contactcenter should be taken seriously. 🚷 See how #workforcemanagement software helps contact centers comply with the unique rules and regulations for their industry.

How does your #contactcenter solve today's challenges in #workforcemanagement? These 5 tips from our recent presentation at #SWPP will help your team overcome the major issues facing your business.

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