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Calabrio is a customer engagement software company that provides analytic insights to catalyze growth through contact centers. The Calabrio ONE© suite empowers organizations with easy-to-use tools that provide a better understanding of the customer. Calabrio has been named “Leader” by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for Customer Engagement Center WFO (2015).

Just like predicting the weather, sometimes forecasting your contact center can feel fickle. So what is the secret to accurately forecasting in your contact center? Dave Hoekstra and Matt Osgood dive deep into the topic in this Calabrio short.

Interested in Artificial Intelligence? Dave Hoekstra and Kyle Smaagard talk all things machine learning and artificial intelligence in the contact center, in this weeks Working Smarter Podcast!

Today consumers expect more and forgive less. Use your contact center data and AI-charged insights to anticipate and address consumer concerns, before they become an issue. But how? Read on.

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