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  • 8x8


8×8, the only provider of Truly Unified Communications, powers over a million business users worldwide. The 8×8 suite of products seamlessly weaves together cloud telephony, messaging, meetings and contact center solutions with a data analytics platform, helping modern organizations communicate at the speed of employee and customer expectations.

Want to learn more about 8x8 Contact Center? Tune in anytime for an on-demand demo where our experts walk you through all the key features and capabilities. Check it out:

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The Society of St. James unified its #communications across 100 service sites in the #UK with 8x8. Read about this nonprofit's seamless move from an outdated legacy system to 8x8's user-friendly, reliable & secure #cloud-based solution: #phone #telephony

In honor of #WomensHistoryMonth, we want to introduce you to Maria Wheatley, Quality Assurance Engineer. She has worked at 8x8 since August 2016, and we're so glad to have her on our team.

Get to know her here!

#Lifeat8x8 #WomensHistoryMonth2023

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